Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stick and Move: Ty on Brandy & Wesley

Wassup, Y'all!

After all kind of ruckus goin' on in LA related to Rum Brandy runnin' into another driver on the freeway and that other driver subsequently dying, it turns out that the LA City Attorney has decided not to file vehicular manslaughter charges against Ray-J's sister. In a jacked up move, ol boy waited until the last day before the statute of limitations on the potential crime ran out - talk about lettin' somebody twist in the wind...although that's pretty much what Brandy's career's been doin' so she should be used to it. Man, I'm just playin'.

Who's not playin' however is Gangster Sam with Wesley Snipe's race card droppin' behind....

In Noxema's latest attempts to get away with doin' wrong, Gangster Sam's Consigliere U.S. District Judge William T. Hodges uttered a clear and succinct, "Oh I don't think so" to Noxema's request for a change a venue for his federal tax evasion trial. Noxema's was trying to get the trial moved to New Jack York City where's he better known as crack kingpin Nino Brown. Apparently he believes that he can better intimidate witnesses there opposed to Ocala, Florida - a venue that he continues to believe will drop the hammer on him because he's guilty a southsider.

Getcha popcorn ready!



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