Monday, December 17, 2007

Diddy Doin' Right

Wassup, Y'all!

I peeped a post over on Brown Sista about the party Diddy and Diddy ex, Kim Porter threw for her son Quincy. The party, dubbed the 'Stunna 16', featured Jermaine Dupri, Omarion, Bow Wow and Chris Brown among others and gifts included a white '64 Lincoln. At first I'm thinkin' that doesn't make any damn sense for a 16 year old - sounds like that completely outrageous MTV 'My Super Sweet 16' nonsense that features some seriously spoiled kidz and their clueless parents piling over the top gifts on their ungrateful behinds. But, like always, there's more behind this story...

First, Quincy is Al B. Sure's son by Kim Porter. He's not Diddy's son, but Diddy's been Quincy's father figure since his Huggies days. Big ups to Diddy on that (despite the excessive spoilage going on at the 'Stunna' and a little Ty wonderment as to whether Diddy discipline involved any non-alcoholic champagne bottles, but I digress...). Which brings me back to Al B. Sure's whack a$$. Al B.! How you gonna front with a son that looks JUST LIKE YOU? Dude, that's triflin'. Get a clue, homey (and make sure your support payments are up to date - Quincy's gonna need a little gas money).



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