Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ty Nasty Alert: Hotel Drinking Glasses

Wassup, Y'all!

Yeah, this one caught me by surprise since I'm normally the first homey to clink some ice into a glass and start drinkin' when I hit my hotel room. Apparently, in many cases, those cute little white paper lids or plastic wrap over the tops of the glasses in the room are just window dressin' on glasses that have either been half cleaned (the old rinse and dry that Grandmama always does when she can't find the Dawn dish washing liquid...) or cleaned in the room with the same cleaner the chambermaids use to clean the bathroom fixtures (while using the same gloves)....

Say it with me, y'all: that's - straight nasty! Check the video but 1) make sure you've finished your breakfast and 2) make sure you aren't drinking out of a glass in your hotel room...

Don't Ever Drink From Hotel Glasses



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