Friday, December 21, 2007

'Boondocks' McGruder to start more ruckus

Wassup, Y'all!

The Hollywood Reporter dropped some new actual factuals about my boy Aaron McGruder, creater of the comic series The Boondocks. Malone Zone regulars already know that I'm a big Boondocks fan (despite their profilic use of the N-word which I can do without, but it's southside satire at its best...). The Boondocks is adult, racially charged satire so it only airs on FX's Adult Swim so the audience it limited. Now it appears A-Mac will 'create and write a live-action series out of his shingle Partner Rumble Studio'....

The outlet for his new joint, 'The Super Rumble Mixshow', will be the online comedy outlet 'Super Deluxe' so that will also be limited (but it's still world-wide since it's 'Net based), but homey wants to get his brand of humor to the masses a little more quickly than he can through his Boondocks vehicle since that animation process can take up to 19-20 months. I can attest to that since it took homey forever and a day to get Season Two of The Boondocks out!

I'm anxious to see what homey plans to brew up as his comedy is always topical and on point. I'm happy to hear that he plans to use some of the same voice talent that he uses for The Boondocks, a list that includes Regina King, John Witherspoon, Kat Williams and Samuel L. Jackson. You already know that joint is gonna be funny when one of the skits will feature John Witherspoon answering viewers questions in 'a recurring skit dubbed "Negrology"'.

See, if they had a course like Negrology in high school, I wouldn't still be up in my mama's basement! Always a day late and a dollar short. Anyway, I haven't seen a debut date yet, but I'll holler back when I .



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