Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oprah the Kingmaker?

Wassup, Y'all!

We know our girl Oprah can sell a book and launch other media personalities but does ol girl have enough O-magic to make a president? We'll soon see as Big O heads to Iowa to stump for Smooth Barack.

That's right, y'all - the Oprama Express is leaving the station! The race is tight, the primary is less than a month away (January 3rd) and Smooth and Hillary are pulling out all the stops. I'm thinking Oprah has enough effect to sway the vote over to Barack but if that should happen, watch out for the expected backlash from folks who think that Oprah's Midas Touch and extensive reach have gone too far... Whatever. Here's my question - Is my main man Stedman gonna be on the trail too? What about Gail and those girls from South Africa? Tyra? Nate? Dr. Oz? A brother needs to know these things...



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