Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wesley Snipes to IRS: Don't Hate

Wassup, Y'all!

Man, when is that fool gonna quit? If y'all aren't up to speed on Daywalker Wesley Snipes issues with Gangster Sam, check my October and November posts on it. Now, homey is finally back in country and out of the crypt complaining that the real reason the IRS is on his case is because he's black. Dummy! Even my niece Lollipop knows the *only* color Gangster Sam cares about is Benjamin GREEN...

I've said it million times, y'all. We need to stop cryin' wolf on the race thing every time we get in some trouble we brought on ourselves. You know what Gangster Sam is hatin' on Wesley? How 'bout the fact you didn't file a return for six years? Or maybe when you did decide to pay your taxes you tried to pay with $14 million in bogus checks? Or perhaps tryin' to skip out on $12 million in taxes by filing false refund claims?

I know, I know. You didn't know a thing about it since your accountant was doing it for you, but as I said before, I'm pretty sure you do have to SIGN YOUR OWN RETURN no matter who does it for you. Pretty simple just to read that bad boy, first.

Dude, here's Ty's simple motto when it comes to things like this:

'Own up. Pay up. Shut up.'

It's not quite Veni, vidi, vici but that's how we roll in Chicago...except for R. Kelly...



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