Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do Images Matter? Ask Derrick Ashong

Wassup, Y'all!

My old roommate hollered at me a bit ago with a couple videos that he thought I should see. Naturally, I sat on them for a few days cuz I'm so busy so I just got to them last night and knew as soon as I saw them that I needed to get them up. If you're a frequent consumer of YouTube you've probably seen them already but if not, let me set the stage for you...

If you were a non-southsider from anywhere in the world and got a constant dose of American news that featured sound bites from BET or urban southsiders with Jheri Curl bags on their heads at the scene of the latest drive-by shootin', you'd probably swear that all southsiders in America were like Ms. Peachez in that 'Fry That Chicken' video. I have to believe that a lot of American *northsiders* have that view as well - media images are powerful, y'all.

That's just why I need to share these videos of Derrick Ashong, a young southside actor from West Africa who is now a naturalized citizen and is completely dialed into American politics and particularly the candidacy of Smooth Barack. He was interviewed outside of an Obama/Clinton debate (while lookin' like a homey from Winky's Corner Store over on Cottage Grove) and got hit with a barrage of probing questions about his support for Obama and got medieval on the interviewer and showed such a depth of understanding of the issues that he basically leaves about 90% of the electorate in the dust - particularly those knuckleheads who continue to insist on referrinig to Smooth as 'Barack Hussein Obama' as they parrot the company conservative talk show host line.

Turns out that once the video hit YouTube it pretty much went viral to the point, that homeboy posted his own video explaining the effect the video's popularity has had on him but more importantly, why he feels the need to be so engaged in the political process. The end result is a nice, tight, on time, stereotype smashing ,extemporaneous, verbal riff that makes a brother go, 'ahhhhhhhh'

The two videos are 13 minutes of time well spent. Trust me on this - you won't regret it.



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