Thursday, February 21, 2008

Smooth Barack goes 11-0 Is it over?

Wassup, Y'all!

I know, I know. Got a little caught up yesterday after landing in the Sunshine State. I'm actually here to make sure they don't sway the nomination to Hillary so it took me extra time to get my boy LoJack through security with his aluminum baseball bat.

So here we are - Smooth has run off a string of 11 straight primary and caucus wins, McCain is now zeroing in on homey like he's going to be the Democratic nominee and Hillary has pushed all in with her two hole cards, Texas and Ohio. Will her risky bet pay off or is she whistling in the dark?...

From what I'm hearing and reading, it sounds like the latter. Three days ago, Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times - a Hillary backer - wrote simply, 'It's Over'. He predicted correctly that she'd 'get clobbered' in Wisconsin and laments that, 'The media talk, the popular mood, the times -- they all work for Obama'.

The pundits on CNN all paint a picture where the delegate math, even if Hillary were to win Texas and Ohio, doesn't work for her unless she wins both states by 3-1 margins - margins she has yet to hit in any of her previous wins.

So given all that, why is ol Ty still nervous about all this? Why am I still believin' that the Okie-Doke is waitin' just around the corner for Smooth? Let me list a few reasons why:

1) Gore / Bush 2000 Election
2) Kerry / Bush 2004 Election
3) Giants / Patriots Superbowl XLII
4) Jermaine Dupri / Janet Jackson hook up

In other words - things happen that you'd never expect to happen in a million years. So I'm still on alert, y'all. Smooth's new campaign song needs to be Lenny Kravitz's 'It Ain't Over, 'til it's Over'. Forget that Stevie Wonder 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' nonsense he's been playin' since New Hampshire.

Southsiders are historically suspicious and pessimistic when it comes to the right things happenin'. If it works out for Smooth, that may begin to change (which would be a gooooood thing), but until then, to prevent a spike in southside heart attacks and strokes if and when the Okie-Doke occurs, I suggest it's best to keep healthy doses of suspicion and pessimism in reserve until the dust settles.



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