Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Obama v. Clinton: Split Decision

Wassup, Y'all!

Wow - after 22 hard fought rounds states it's clear that the Smooth Barack 'Yes We Can' Express is still on track and has plenty of steam. Smooth posted impressive wins in 13 of the 22 states despite my westside homeys breaking for Hillary and helping her win in Cali. That's a trend Smooth needs to work on since the westsiders have a lot of clout in Texas, whose March 4th primary boasts 228 delegates. The good news is that Smooth has time and tall cheddar on his side so he can swing by the mall and pick up a set of those Rosetta Stone Spanish CDs (tho Ol Ty prefers the less pretentious Learning Spanish Like Crazy Homey Edition...). A little hablo espaƱol never hurt anybody. ¿Entiende usted?

The vote validates Smooth's broad, national appeal across all demographics so the notion that he's not electable is dead and I liked the way he stated the case in his speech last night on why he would be a better candidate against the presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain. The distinctions between the two couldn't be broader.

Lookin' forward to the Saturday contests!



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