Friday, February 15, 2008

Smooth Barack and the coming storm...

Wassup, Y'all!

I'm feelin' it, y'all. That calm before the storm when all hell breaks loose. Like the brief time before the verdicts were announced in Simi Valley after the Rodney King trial. Like the uncomfortable moments during the 2000 general election when Florida first went to Al Gore then got taken back off the board because it was 'too close to call' and then eventually got awarded to Bush. I hope I'm wrong on this one, but I don't like the way things are shaping up with this 'too close to call' primary battle between Smooth Barack and Hillary.

The stakes are sky high (who thinks, given the passion on the democratic side, that the democratic nominee won't go on to win the general election in a walk?) and I get the sense that even if Smooth has a delegate lead going into the convention but hasn't reached the magic number of 2,025 that political maneuvering featuring superdelegates and illegitimate votes from Michigan and Florida will hijack the nomination and split the party going into November...

There are two components to this perfect storm - Smooth Barack's overwhelming support within the southside community and our hypersensitivity to injustice - perceived or real. When Smooth announced his candidacy, the thinkin' was 'that's nice, but I'm pretty sure the nation isn't ready for a southside candidate'. Then came Iowa and everybody's hair stood straight up. No sooner had that shock worn off then Super Tuesday showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the nation was indeed ready for a southside President. Just trying to assimilate that fact given our nation's past history was sobering - at least for me, y'all. That's an amazing realization after seeing and experiencing so much racial negativity.

Now no sooner have we reconciled ourselves with the fact that now could be the time, then there's the specter of the shoe we were all expecting to drop hovering just out of sight. The shoe, in this case, is our resigned belief that there's no way the 'powers that be' would ever let a black man ever get elected President and that, at the eleventh hour, some chicanery would take place to ensure that remained the case.

Hopefully, it won't happen and I'm heartened to see that other members of the southside nation are beginning to consider this dire possibility as well, but if it should happen, if Smooth Barack is denied the nomination despite playing the game fairly, there's going to be some molten hot anger spewing out of the southside nation. I can see the party trying to mute that by throwing Smooth the bone of the Vice Presidency, but in my mind, that will be too little too late and there will be a backlash felt at the polls in November.

I can live with a legitimate defeat at the convention. If Hillary has the states, votes and pledged delegates - I'm 100% behind her in the fall. But if there's some skulduggery going on, some backroom shenanigans going on, a hot mess going on - ol Ty (and I expect most of the southside nation) will have some long, hard thinking to do at the polls in November.



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