Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How To Shadow A Superdelegate

Wassup, Y'all!

Admit it, you always wanted to be either John Shaft or Foxy Brown. We'll here's your chance since it may all come down to Superdelegates at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. The Superdelegate Transparency Project lets you be your own bad mother shut-your-mouth and look up the SDs from your state and district.

Armed with this information, if you find they're leanin' in a direction contrary to popular opinion, you can wave them over to your car with a big Tony Soprano smile and tell them that you just want to 'talk to them for a minute'.

I just checked on Illinois and so far all of our SDs are toeing the line for Smooth Barack - even my westside boy Luis Gutierrez who's going against the grain of his district, which supported Hillary. Man, I'm all for getting the actual factuals straight and uncut. If you ask me, we can use more websites like this and less of Wolf Blitzer.

That said, based on the debate last night, I'm startin' to get the feeling that it won't even come down to the Superdelegates but if it does, here's all the information you need to see who's up to what.



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