Monday, February 18, 2008

'Girlfriends' bows out after eight seasons

Wassup, Y'all!

My first reaction this news was, "That show's still on TV?" I know that comment may also generate a little heat from my southside shortys whose viewing habits kept 'Girlfriends' a perennial Top 10 show among southside households. Regardless of ol Ty's viewing habits, it's unbelievable undeniable that the UPN/CW show has had an impressive impact. According to Nielsen Media Research, television ad spending targeting southsiders exceeds $2.3 BILLION annually. Let's soak that in for a minute. $2.3 BILLION. Which means we're watch too much damn television and we're clearly biting the advertising hook if sponsors are willing to stack that much paper and bet that big on the southside television watching audience...

Of that $2.3 BILLION, $193 MILLION was targeted to network TV where the Top 5 targeted shows (based on ad revenue) were:

1) Girlfriends (CW)
2) Everybody Hates Chris (CW)
3) The Game (CW)
4) All of Us (CW) (Starring Lisa Raye, the First Lady of Turks and Caicos!)
5) Watch Over Me (MNT)

Clearly ol Ty is out of step since I've watched 'Girlfriends' about six times despite it being the 'the longest-running live action comedy on network television' and the winner of beaucoup NAACP Image Awards. I do like 'Everybody Hates Chris' tho.

Well, let me be the first to wish those shortys on 'Girlfriends' - the 'African-American version of 'Sex In the City'' - a fond farewell. One piece of advice tho - unlike those northside shortys from 'Sex In The City' who thought it would be a great idea to make their show into a movie that no one will watch, save yourselves the trouble and just bow out gracefully and on top.

Before I close, let me return to something else that caught my eye in the aforementioned Nielsen Media Research report. It was this hair raising paragraph:

"National Cable TV reported the largest ad growth with 14.5% during this period. This growth is the result of a number of factors including: Year over year growth for BET, the inclusion of TV One in the Nielsen Monitor-Plus service as of January 2007, as well as a number of high profile TV programs such as "House of Payne" on TBS, "Being Bobby Brown" on Bravo, "Flavor of Love" on VH1, and "Making the Band" on MTV."

Year over year growth for BET? And since when do shows like 'Being Bobby Brown', 'Flavor of Love' and 'Making The Band' qualify for a description like 'high profile TV programs'?? What happened to 'Hell Date' or 'I Love New York'? My people, clearly an intervention is needed. It's like the Nielsen company straight hooked a box up to my boy Cat Daddy's 40" basement plasma! Oh well, at least we're votin'...



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