Monday, February 04, 2008

How you feelin' now, Tiki?

Wassup, Y'all!

As I was watchin' the New York football Giants shock the world by delivering a beat down to the formerly undefeated New England Patriots, Ol Ty couldn't help but wonder what former Giant's running back Tiki Barber was feelin' as he watched his teammates from last season celebrate their well deserved Superbowl victory. If you'll remember, back in August Tiki was quick to throw Eli Manning under the bus by questioning his leadership skills, going as far as to call homey's pre-game motivational speeches 'comical'. Word is he took the low road even lower by recruiting his twin brother, Ronde, to join him on his Sirius radio show, The Barber Shop, to continue publicly crackin' on Lil Eli.

Well, you know the saying, 'He who laughs last, laughs best' so I'm sure Eli is crackin' up at Tiki's dumb a$$ right about now over those words and the fact that when the Giants pick up their Superbowl rings at the beginning of next season, Tiki will be in the studio picking the last bits of crow from his teeth. Not that Tiki didn't have a few words last night while checkin' out the Playboy party in Chandler, AZ. Before headin' into the party, he said, "Damn, I'm so stupid. If I could have reigned in my ego, I'd be a Superbowl champ right now I made my decision for personal reasons. I haven't looked back."

No, Tiki - the looking back actually starts today, cousin. Be sure to catch that Eli Manning Disney World commercial, homey. It's pretty heartwarming...



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