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Wassup, Y'all!

Lady E. hipped a brother to a new website called theRoot, a bit ago. theRoot is a new, online, southside news outlet that 'blends black perspectives and news from around the world with an interactive genealogical section, creating an online destination devoted to the black experience'. Hmmm...I thought that I was doing this but clearly, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, the outfit behind theRoot, has decided to take ol Ty on. Man, where's my vaseline?...

The site's been up since January 28th and I have to grudgingly admit that I like what I see so I'll have to holler at them to get The Urban Eye linked in to help them out with some massive web traffic :-)

I popped over there today and caught two interesting articles, one on how it's becoming increasing difficult for southside supporters of Hillary Clinton to 'sell' her to the southside nation. Clearly these supporters aligned themselves with Sister Hill before the South Carolina Democratic Primary permanently dispelled the notion that she could in anyway split the southside vote. As Smooth Barack moves on, his support within the southside nation is the epitome of rock solid.

The other article is the perfect bookend for my most recent two posts about Beyonce Giselle and Aretha Franklin. Apparently, Aretha took exception to BG's introduction of her 'idol' Tina Turner when she referred to her as 'The Queen'. Let me just say this about that. First, I thought BG and Tina's joint performance was tight. I can't believe that homegirl is 68 (Tina, not Beyonce, y'all)!!

Second, you have to give Tina some title, maybe Empress of Soul or something but everybody knows there's only one Queen and one Godfather so BG will need to look over her shoulder for a while while this thing cools off. If homegirl gets mysteriously bumped off any time soon, I expect the method will be death by smothering and the murder weapons will be Aretha's...don't make me say it, y'all. You know where I'm going with this. Anyway, Aretha! BG! Chill that nonsense - y'all sisters just need to get along.

Give a peep, y'all. I think you'll like what you see.



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