Friday, February 22, 2008

Should We 'Be Kind' To Mos Def?

Wassup, Y'all!

When I saw the movie poster to Mos Def's upcoming movie (out today, y'all), 'Be Kind, Rewind', I just sadly shook my head and kept walkin' to Will Smith's joint 'I Am Legend'. A few days later, I was cruisin' the web and had an opportunity to watch the trailer to that joint and a strange thing happened - I liked it.

I've been a Mos Def fan for a few. Homey's an original, has that old school, NYC hip-hop flavor (nah mean?), good comedic skillz and always seems to keep it real...until I saw him on that movie poster surfin' on an old school a$$ VHS video tape. That got me thinkin' about Cuba Gooding Jr.. Not the 'American Gangster Nicky Barnes' Cuba, the 'Daddy Day Camp Charlie Hinton' Cuba since MD has also been takin' on questionable roles lately like homey in 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' and '16 Blocks'...

A quick peek at IMDB shows a large body of work for MD, who has an easy ability to move between the big screen (Bamboozled, Brown Sugar, The Italian Job, etc.) and small screen (Lackawanna Blues, The Chappelle Show, the voice of too funny 'Gangstalicious' on The Boondocks, the host of Def Poetry Jam, etc.) Ol boy was too good in 'The Italian Job' so I'm happy to see him popping back up in the same role in the sequel, 'The Brazilian Job' due out next year. I also see he plans to take over the role of 'Mouse' (a role played to perfection by Don Cheadle in the film adaptation of Walter Mosley's 'Devil In A Blue Dress') in 'Little Scarlet'.

Anyway, 'Be Kind' looks pretty funny. It's about two guys who run an old school video store and one guy (Jack Black) inadvertently erases all the videos so the two of them decide to refilm all the movies as twenty minute shorts. It's kinda like those Angry Alien Bunny Movies. Check out the one on Jaws (in honor of Roy Scheider's recent passing) to get an idea of what ol Ty is typin' about. It's pretty amazing to be able to summarize a two hour movie in thirty seconds.

Still I'm not sure I'd pay anything but $5 matinee prices to see that joint, Mos Def or no Mos Def but at least agrees with a brother. If you check it out, holler back and let me know if you liked it!



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