Friday, February 08, 2008

Dennis Haysbert Reads Ty!

Wassup, Y'all!

Well, at least that's my unconfirmed view. You see, D-Hays (who now stars in 'The Unit' on CBS, which is a pretty good show) played President David Palmer on the hit Fox show '24' and in a recent TV Guide interview he mused on the effect his fictitious presidential portrayal had on Smooth Barack's real presidential run. D-Hay summed his thoughts up thusly - "As far as the public is concerned, it did open up their minds and their hearts a little bit to the notion that if the right man came along… that a black man could be president of the United States". My reaction to this after the jump...

Man, you could have knocked ol Ty over with a feather since I dropped this original concept almost a year ago. So clearly D-Hays read my post then waited a judicious amount of time to try and claim the idea as his own. Nice try D-Hays, but you know I'm always on it, homey! Anyway, I feel the same way now as I did then - images are powerful and television is an extremely pervasive and influential medium. The big screen is as well and Morgan Freeman did Smooth a solid with his on time presidential performance in Deep Impact - though when the chips were down and it was clear a meteor was going to hit the earth, M-Free left a cloud of dust behind his hasty exit to safety...).

Even James Earl Jones got into the presidential act in 'The Man' when he is propelled into office unexpectedly when the sitting President and Speaker of the House are killed and the Vice President is too infirm to take office. As the Senate President pro tempore the job suddenly falls to him. It's a good book and a pretty good movie if y'all have some time to check it out.

In the meantime, I'm waitin' on my props from D-Hays. The least homey could do is break me off a royalty check. You did it for Smooth (campaign donation), you can do it for me! D-Hays! Don't be tight, brother. I'm right outside by mama's mailbox waitin', dude.



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