Saturday, March 05, 2005

All Twisted Up In The Game

Wassup, Y'all!

How can a movie with Christina Milian, Cedric The Entertainer, The Rock and Vince Vaughn not work? On second thought, don't answer that, y'all. You're right - I brought it on myself. Granted there were a few high spots in the movie Be Cool - Andre Benjamin, Vince Vaughn and The Rock (shorty Christina goes with out saying...) - to name three, but the sum of its part equaled a dry a** time at the movies...

Man, my money would have had more impact burning in an oil drum, keeping the homeless folks under Wacker warm for the night. Every now and then you can go against the critics and catch a break, but not this go round. As one critic from so eloquently put it: "Be Cool, be lukewarm, just be somewhere else."

In happier news, I did spot a cute shorty on 106 and Park last night getting crowd reactions to Mariah Carey's new video sneak peek. Julissa Bermudez only got about 20 seconds of air time, but what a twenty seconds it was, y'all. She's been flying under my radar (but comes to BET as a hot property from the Latin TV dial where she hosted a TRL style joint called The Roof (clearly The Roof was on fire over at Mun2!)). She's now hosting BET's "The Center" if you're looking for a longer peep. I'm seeing another Shorty on the Rise.

Julissa Bermudez

All Roads Lead Back to 50...Just when I thought I'd be through with my comments on 50 Cent and The Game (believe me I'm tired of it too, y'all), I happen to catch the making of their collaborative video "Hate It Or Love It" (a cut on The Game's new CD). That's another hot cut and it's interesting to see that that whole video was pretty much shot on a soundstage in front of a green screen - so all those shots of rolling through Compton and New York and flying around in a Gulf Stream IV (G4) were just slick special effects. Man - are those two even real or were they digitally rendered too? *sigh* Those were happier days for 50 and Game - they were just a couple of carefree kids then. And since when did Gangsta Rap go high tech? Shoot - I miss the days of Ice Cube and NWA standing on the corner drinking 40's and keeping an eye out for drive bys while shooting their videos. Now it's just a business cranking out little mini rap/clothing/Pimp Juice empires. Can't hate on that though - that's all part of the American Dream too.



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