Wednesday, March 09, 2005

DBF Searching for Stedman Graham, Jr.

Wassup, Y'all!

Man, I caught Oprah's girl Gail King on GMA today popping some yang about being "Suddenly Single" and her trials of being a divorced single mom on the dating circuit and I'm thinking - "Wait a minute - your girl is like the richest shorty on the planet and you're crying about how hard it is to find a good man?" I believe we have this week's winner of the Shut-up-and-sit-down award, y'all...

I have a policy I like to stick to - if you have a friend - male or female - who's booking more than eight figures a year, you need to step off and leave the complaining to the professionals (those would be those folks struggling along, living day to day, figuring out how to leave a dead end job, figuring out how to find a job, wondering where their meal is coming from, sleeping on the street, etc.). Besides - unless you're just in it for the money, travel and entertainment hobnobbing (and what homeboy isn't :-) ), you're probably saying "Now why would I want to hook up with Gail? She's going to spend all her time hanging out with Oprah cuz Oprah doesn't even hang with her own man Stedman Graham (and poor Stedman's so proud, he doesn't even list Oprah in his bio - that's tight, y'all). Case in point - did y'all see Oprah sitting with Stedman at the Oscars? Me neither. So if you were Gail's man, you'd be hanging out in the closet with Stedman - only to be brought out occasionally to catch a sandwich and maybe be an escort to an event from time to time... But just try tipping out to tap a little a** on the side cuz you aren't getting it at home and you'll quickly find out what a good friend Oprah is when you find yourself in some Peruvian prison on trumped up drug charges - it's a no win situation, homeys. Tyrone's advice - steer clear!

Hoopty Tunes...y'all should now see a new entry in the sidebar - my new school/old school play lists in rotation in the hoopty. At the moment, new school is tilted toward 50 Cent (likely to tip a little further now that his CD has dropped). On the old school side you'll see I had to drop a little Donna Summer in honor of her being mom to Shorty on the Rise - Brooklyn Sudano. I would have put Earth, Wind and Fire down there too but those boys go without saying... Note the shout out to Pheebs with Brook Valentine's Girlfight - that's one shorty you want on your side at the bar when the mayhem breaks out, y'all!

And finally - a Shorty Spotlight update! Our spotlight falls on east side shorty Kelly Hu. Why? Glad you asked - though it's not like I need a reason to drop a glossy up in this piece but let me hit you with one on GP.

Kelly Hu

Tah Dowww, y'all. Proof positive that beauty is a global phenomenon...Woooooo



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