Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Spending 50 Cent in the Candy Shop...

Wassup, Y'all!

Man - I gotta hand it to my boy 50 Cent. Fiddy's getting a lot of mileage out of the same flavored cuts. Is it me or does Candy Shop sound like a warmed over version of Magic Stick?... Don't get me wrong, I like that cut and I've been thumpin' it in the hoopty, what with all that lollypop licking and spot hittin' going on (and you got to give at least a couple snaps to old girl for keepin' it real during her hook by crooning "...I'll have you spending all you got..." - a sly reference to how easily a shorty can separate a brother (aka fool) from his money (aka cheddar)) - Can a brother get an amen?

And I at least need to give Halle Berry a half snap for having the heart (and good humor) to personally pick up her Razzie Award for Worst Actress just before the Oscars on Sunday. I'm keeping an eye out for her in Oprah's latest production (heretofore known as a Oprah Winfry Joint) - Their Eyes Were Watching God. Based on the previews it looks like Halle gets into some shenanigans (which will always hold a brother's interest - unless Oprah pops up in a cameo...). Man - when's Oprah gonna break down and present an action movie with some hot car chases and explosions? I find it a little hard to hang through those literary joints without a couple cans of Rockstar Energy Drink on hand...

And what's up with the Oscars watering down my boy Chris Rock? What happened to bringing the pain? Word on the street is he changed his joke about Renee Zelwegger from "After gaining 40 lbs to play Bridget Jones, I hear she gained 80 lbs to play Starr Jones" to "After gaining 40 lbs to play Bridget Jones, I hear she gained 80 lbs to play Deacon Jones". Not the same pop, y'all. A Starr Jones joke always goes over big. And I was happy to find out that the tattoo across the back of Jamie Foxx's head wasn't part of his homage to Mike Tyson but rather part of the role he's filming for his newest movie "Jarhead".

Finally, y'all know I can't close without posting at least one glossy so I'm torn between three shortys, all of whom were on the last episode of 'Kevin Hill' (aka my show!) - Eva Pigford (winner of America's Next Top Model - Cycle 3), Meagan Good (rocking the house everywhere she goes) and sleeper shorty Christina Hendricks (who they've got the nerve to play up as a frump on the show - lately she's been Boom Powin' it all over the set!). Only one way to play it, y'all - one potato, two potato, three potato, four...

Meagan Good
The Hot Potato

I'll save Eva and Christina for a rainy day... :-)



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