Thursday, March 03, 2005

The most dangerous place in NYC

Wassup, Y'all!

Where's the most dangerous place in New York City? The subway stop in Flatbush? The corner alley in Bed-Stuy or Jamaica, Queens? Naw forget that noise, the most dangerous place hands down in NYC is the sidewalk just outside of 395 Hudson Street, the home of radio station Hot 97. A day without a rapper entourage shooting at that joint is like a day without sunshine...

For a taste of the recent actual factuals between recently mentioned rapper 50 Cent and his (former) G-Unit protege The Game, check out the in-depth post on 2 Guys. I had heard about that joint and the back and forth back biting that gives shorty catfights a bad name, but my interest is focused on the aftermath of a previous incident at 395 Hudson involving rap hoochie Lil' Kim back in 2001.

Lil' Kim
Her Royal Hoochie-ness

As her perjury trial gets under way, word is that LK got caught lying about about the whereabouts of her manager during another shooting there. I'm the most surprised person in the building, y'all. Not Lil' Kim.

Cash Register Ringing in Eagle, Colorado...In the world's second biggest non-surprise, Mack Daddy Kobe Bryant and his accuser have decided to settle their civil spat. No monetary details have yet been disclosed, but you can be sure that the newly married accuser, her new, perfect timing husband and her soon-to-be-born May baby will all be spending tall cheddar at Baby Gap real soon. It'll just be a matter of time before they're next door neighbors with Britney and Kev...

Chris, Katie, Denise and Charlie...Something must be in the water out in Hollywood. First Brad and Jen, now comes word that Katie Holmes and Chris Klein are calling it quits. You have to figure despite the wedding plans that Katie hasn't quite kicked her habit of crawling through guys windows at night and Chris finally got hip to those shenanigans. And if that weren't enough, White She-Devil, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are throwing in the towel. Now with Denise already six months pregnant with their 2nd child you have figure something underhanded was going on. It's not a stretch to figure that she caught serial booty tapper Charlie with a copy of Jenna Jameson's book, "How to make love like a porn star : A Cautionary Tale" under his pillow since she's down for the count until the baby drops. That's tacky homeboy! Although I did flip through a couple chapters of Jenna's book in the book store and my fingers are still smokin...muy caliente, y'all! Fellas - just a peek at who'll be joining Dayanara Torres back on the dating circuit in about four months...

Denise Richards
aka Charlie's Baby's Momma

Happy Birthday, Tone Loc! I got my glass of Funky Cold Medina raised up high for ya, homey!



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