Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Jamie Foxx: I like 'em Thick

Wassup, Y'all!

For those who missed Jamie Foxx's interview with Barbara Walters just before the Oscars, the 'em he likes thick are woman. For those of you north of the south side, 'thick' is a term the homeys use to describe women who cross the spectrum from 'solid' (Alicia Keyes) to voluptuous (Queen Latifah) to BBW (Mo'Nique). It's a category where skinny or buff shortys need not apply and it leads to the valid question - Do brothers really prefer bigger woman vs. our north side counterparts?...

Now as much as I hate to post non-pristine glossies, I'll post one of Alicia which illustrates what one version of thick is (no flame posts, y'all - Alicia described herself as thick in an interview I heard and dropped the following quote regarding her appreciation of tight jeans: "I prefer to show my hips and butt for what they are.") Woooo - we prefer that too Alicia! Anyway, here's the glossy:

Alicia Keyes
Showing her jeans no mercy

On the above scale, this is about where old Tyrone registers his vote. Solid, sexy, not too skinny (Lara Flynn Boyle/Calista Flockhart) and not fat nasty like Anna Nichole before TrimSpa. Queen Latifah-esque is intriguing but I prefer doing my bench pressing in the gym (though if a free tap opportunity presented itself - I doubt I'd say no...). Apparently Jamie prefers his thickness on the Mo'Nique scale (though that's hard to judge by his recent hang out shorty Leila Archieri) as he mentioned when he walked his high school hallways with his sweetheart, they looked like the number 10.

Mo'Nique is definitely Two Tons of Fun - I like her sense of humor and the way she carries herself and her opening at last year's BET Awards, where she copped some Beyonce dance moves, was off the hook. She was pretty prophetic when she finished her number and warned the "skinny video girls" that they better watch out. It wasn't more than a couple months later that Ludacris dropped his "Get Back" video and featured a stable of big sisters as back up dancers.

So in honor of Mo'Nique, I'll drop a very non-traditional Tyrone Malone glossy (one time only!) to give old girl her propers:

Usher & Mo'Nique
Another brother who likes 'em thick

Hmmmm...kinda looks like old girl swallowed Jenny Craig....

Where's the beef now?...Now that peace and love has broken out again between 50 Cent and The Game (now that 50's CD is racking up huge numbers - the hype is no longer needed...), word comes to TM that my girl Free from 106 & Park is beefing with salsa hot shorty Julissa Bermudez. Seems the BET stage ain't big enough for two hot shortys - especially since Free was there first. Stop hatin' Free! If there was room enough for two up on The Roof (according to The Drifters), there ought to be enough room at BET too.

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