Friday, March 04, 2005

Diary of A Barbershop Bootleg

Wassup, Y'all!

I fell through the barbershop today to get my lid lowered and - no lie - had plans to check out the late night showing of Tyler Perry's Diary of A Mad Black Woman since old boy is showing up all over the dial today because his movie debuted at #1 last week. I saw his mug on Good Morning America and Oprah kicking it with unique looking shorty Kimberly Elise... Anyway, I'm chilling in the on deck circle, waiting for my chair to open up and my barber pops a DVD into the player and damn if two seconds later I'm not watching Diary of a Mad Black Woman on his TV...

Kimberly Elise

And I'm like daaaaamn - that joint just came out in the theaters! My barber just cheeses and pulls out another DVD from a short stack next to the player - full DVD jacket with cover art - Will Smith's Hitch poster - and he tells me it's Double Feature night in the shop - DMBW and Hitch - and neither joint is even out of the theater yet. Where the hell have I been, y'all? I know I may accidently download a cut when I can't find it on iTunes but when did studio movies start getting posted on the Net at the same time they get released to the theaters? If I wasn't such a fine, upstanding citizen (and a brother who actually appreciates seeing a movie on the BIG screen) I'd probably be getting my cease and desist letter from AMPAS.

Quiet as it's kept, that's the first movie bootleg I've seen - no lie, y'all. And if you can get past the flickering, sound fading in and out and the guilt of depriving the family of that Hollywood set painter who appears in the industry's anti-piracy PSAs - they aren't half bad. So guess I'll just have to switch gears and catch Christina Milian in Be Cool tonight! A few of my homeys have been concerned that lately I've been kicking it to the movie show solo, but I'm here to report - there's no shame in that game, y'all. Just pretend you're a movie critic and sit in the back.

MC back in effect...Caught today's 106 and Park and see my girl Mariah Carey is coming back hard. They debuted her first cut - It's Like That - off her upcoming CD, The Emancipation of Mimi and it's hot - I like it. Old girl's coming with it South Side, y'all - reaching deep into her black roots. If I wasn't watching her on the video I would have sworn I was listening to Ciara or Ashanti. She's trying to hit that sweet spot vocal vibe that's the flavor of the minute. Fear not though, during the interview she dropped a who's who of collaborators on the CD - The Neptunes, Kanye West, Snoop Dizzle, Nelly and Twista to name a few - said she'd be kickin' her signature ballads as well. Should be thumpin' - due out 4/12, y'all. Naturally such an auspicious occasion deserves a come back glossy.

Mariah Carey
Hittin' A High Note (or two...)

Woooo. I'm Audi!



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