Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bush too busy for 'The Great Debaters'

Wassup, Y'all!

I saw this blurb a bit ago and had to stop and ponder for a minute. Now how does G-Dub have time for 'Harry Potter' and 'Charlotte's Web' but not 'The Great Debaters'? Could it be that it portrays Jim Crow Texas in an unflattering light? Could it be that they chose to debate at Harvard instead of Yale? Could it be that the subject matter focuses on oratory excellence? Michael Moore's not in it, so what's the dilly? Who knows. What ol Ty does know is that if it was a film he wanted to see, he'd make time - it's not like he's the President or anythi...oh, my bad. It's still 2008 - dang.

Oh well, at least he can still get jiggy with the homeys from time to time...



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