Friday, January 25, 2008

Innocent homey in jail for 26 years on a HUMBUG!

Wassup, Y'all!

One of my boyz forwarded this jacked up CNN story to me earlier today. If you watch enough Law & Order like me and mama do, you'll know there's a concept called 'Attorney/Client Privilege' (ACP). ACP holds that anything a client tells his attorney in private is confidential and cannot be divulged publicly until the client has died. Keep this in mind as I relate the sad a$$ story of Alton Logan, a homey from Chicago who was convicted in 1982 for killing a McDonald's security guard.

Logan professed his innocence of the crime and two attorney's knew that he was telling the truth. Why? Because their client confessed to them that he committed the crime. Yet Logan sat in jail for 26 years until their client finally died, releasing them from ACP. Damn. That ain't even right - you'd figure that ACP would have some kind of safety checks. According to attorney interviewed (not either of the ones involved in this ruckus) the only time an attorney can break ACP is if a client tells them that he's *about* to commit a crime. After the fact - it's all cool...unless you're in jail for someone elses crime.



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