Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Smooth Barack Concedes in NH

Wassup, Y'all!

Spike! Denzel! See!? Man, Smooth Barack needs to channel Wyclef Jean, stop by your cribs and ask 'Where my money at?'. Okay, you may not be responsible for sister Hillary's big comeback (wow - with all the polls and woofin' Ol Ty didn't even see it comin', y'all) but a brother has to point a finger somewhere. That's why they play the games, y'all and what's become crystal clear is that *every* vote is gonna count from here on in. So for my southside homeys in South Carolina - all eyez are on you. Tonight, I think my boy Skeptical Brotha put it best with his post NH headline: "Hillary Defeats Obama, Negros come back to earth". Ouch (but on point).

The one thing I'm really diggin' out of all this? People are finally goin' out to vote! Man - we missed y'all the last two general elections. I guess G-Dub was good for something...



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