Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mario Van Peebles bring New Jack to Pine Valley

Wassup, Y'all!

Man, look who's easin' up the ave to ABC soap All My Children's Pine Valley. When I first caught this news I'm like 'Dang - a soap!? What happened to ol boy's career?' But then I was reminded of a comment by Ms. Go over at D.C.Girl@TheMovies on my post crackin' on Cuba Gooding Jr.'s weak role selections. Ol girl said simply that 'Cuba's got a mortgage to pay!'. I guess the same holds true for MVP. Wonder if he'll end up mackin' Erica Kane? Still, bringin' his New Jack vibe to a soap opera feels like a setback, but a quick look at his upcoming movie projects on IMDB reveals that there aren't big thangs poppin' on his movie docket either...

He's got a joint in post production for 2008 called 'Multiple Sarcasms' - "A quirky relationship drama about a middle aged, successful architect who goes through a mid-life crisis and becomes a playwright". Hmmm, sounds like that joint should earn about $1.25 domestically and $0.30 internationally. The only other thing in the pipeline is a self written ,2009 pre-production joint called 'The Uniter' - "A fugitive escapes from the future back to the present day in order to teach a young kind how to use his innate abilities to bring the world together before global war tears it apart". Zzzzzzzz. So I estimate his total movie earnings over the next two years to be about $5.35...before taxes.

Suddenly playin' 'Samuel Woods, a U.S. District Attorney who is running for the Senate' in Pine Valley doesn't look so bad. Wonder if smooth poppa Melvin thinks this Pine Valley move will be as baaadaaaasss as Mario?



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