Monday, January 14, 2008

Obama v. Clinton drops into second gear

Wassup, Y'all!

Just caught a tight post over on Skeptical Brotha about BET founder and former CEO Bob Johnson, pimpin' for the Clinton campaign and being used as an ill advised tactical weapon against the Obama campaign. By now, all basement dwellers should know my feelings on Bob Johnson. You only have to look at how shabby BET is (Skep's description of it being 'internationally embarassing' is right on point - if you caught a BET feed in a foreign country you would draw some pretty jacked up (and incorrect) conclusions about the southside community...). Check this upcoming Boondocks clip to see that Aaron McGruder is also feelin' me on this...

In these last few days since the New Hampshire primary with Bill and Hillary quickly dropping back into the same politics that got Bill elected to two terms, I have to admit, the bloom is off the Clinton rose for me. Now we see the vast difference between the virtual 'first black President' and the potential real first black President. The messed up part is that the Clinton campaign will have no shortage of 'respectable' southsiders to stand next to them at news conferences to help them throw Smooth Barack under the bus and how sad is that? Billionaire Bob will be the first of many but I wonder who told Hillary that southsiders even listen to Bob Johnson, let alone like or respect him? Who's next? Clarence Thomas? Ward Connerly?

It's amazing how quickly the democratic air of peace and love left the room. All of this makes the upcoming primary in South Carolina all the more interesting. It will be the first state where a large southside voting block can make a statement either for or against Smooth. Can't say I don't have that date circled on my calendar.



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