Monday, January 28, 2008

Barack & Kwame - On Opposite Endz LOL!

Wassup, Y'all!

Okay, I've got good news and bad news on this one. The so so def good news is that Smooth Barack cruised in the South Carolina Primary. Clearly the question of Smooth or Hillary has been answered among South Carolina southsiders - hopefully those margins continue to hold in the other southern states. Smooth was eloquent as always in his victory speech - continuing to push his message of unity and determination to change from years of the status quo.

Over the past weeks we've seen how much that message has resonated and encouraged folks to get to the polls and vote and today Smooth landed the coveted Kennedy endorsement. It's heartening for a homey to see a such a prominent family of change agents recognize Smooth for what he is - a breath of fresh air and a unifying, inspirational figure - haters can hate, but Ol Ty is diggin' the message.

Unfortunately, y'all - the air in Detroit these days isn't quite so fresh now that Detroit's Boy King Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's dirty laundry has hit the clothes line. You'll remember me first highlightin' some early rumored, Kwame shenanigans involving a party at the mayor's mansion, strippers and his wife deliverin' a beat down, now ol boy's caught up in what Ol Ty has affectionately dubbed 'LOL-gate'...

My text happy homeys will recognize LOL as textin' shorthand for 'Laugh Out Loud'. My boyz use it all the time. So apparently does Detroit's Mayor and his Chief of Staff, Christine 'I Just Didn't Want To Get Caught' Beatty as it popped up 13 times or so in text messages they sent to each other...on city provided pagers...while they were textin' about their undercover lover shenanigans...after having sworn under oath that they weren't kickin' say nothing of the fact that Kwame is still married. I expect some time soon we'll be seeing his public financial statement just like brother Shaq's.

I havent' tested the beat of the street in Motown but my sense is that folks are hot over this one particularly because this all came out as a consequence of a lawsuit that Boy King Kwame decided not to settle. Guess he was thinkin' that would have cut into his lavish mayoral lifestyle (like those Laker game tickets he mentions in his text message or the $864/night New York Suite he cribbed at, which wasn't). Ol boy has GOT to be Public Fool #1 - LOL! The brother had so much potential too...

I see his girl Christine had the common sense to resign (video here - poignant resignation letter here). Later textin' between her and Kwame probably went somethin' like this:

CB: I'm going 2 resign
KK: Damn that! I need u 2 take the heat off me!
CB: Your wife is lookin' 4 me! I'm out! C U Sucka - LOL!
CB: Will I ever c u again?
KK: LOL! Girl, meet me Sunday after the Superbowl - Glendale Super 8 - room 1313
KK: And bring some of those Red Lobster Cheddar biscuits u know i like...LOL!

I'm thinkin' Brother Kwame should consider a similar move (but you know he won't - ol boy's ego is too massive for that. LOL!). That's just some sad a$$ news, Detroit. Couldn't vote for Smooth in the Michigan Democratic Primary and now this. Keep ya head up! Y'all still got Eminem and 8 Mile.



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