Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Spike and Denzel holdin' out on Smooth Barack

Wassup, Y'all!

Now that Smooth has a little wind at his back (I'm callin' my peeps in NH and askin' them to vote twice today) folks are takin' note of who's been chippin' into his campaign coffers. Turns out that to-date movie boyz Spike Lee and Denzel Washington have popped up on the 'talk is cheap' ledger, having been recently outed as non donors to the Smooth campaign. Actually, Denzel's wife, Paulette did chip in a nice sized check but apparently she did the smart thing and signed her name to it. That way she can be assured of an ambassadorship to Paris or Tahiti while Denzel will be assured of getting his tax returns audited every year and Spike will begin to find that his filming licenses start to get strangely rejected every year. Y'all know you got to pay to play! Denzel! Spike! Stop being tight and go 'head and break a bit off for Smooth. You can't take it with you!

Also named in the tight 'Hey, it's *my* money' list: Diddy, Jay-Z & B. (wait 'til those 40/40 clubs start losing their liquor licenses!). On the bandwagon and waiting for their ambassadorships: Will Smith and Eddie Murphy (he only *plays* a donkey, y'all).

The rest of y'all better not wait too late. There is no CP time in politics!



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