Tuesday, August 26, 2008

'Chelle Obama: A South Side Girl

Wassup, Y'all!

Well - looks like 'Mission Accomplished' on Night One of the convention as 'Chelle came out all glam'ed up and charmin' - always effective countermeasures to charges of being a radical, fist-jabbing, terroristic, angry black woman. That title now moves to that other 'south side girl', Lisa Raye.

Seems to me that at this point, all of homegirl's 'rough edges' have been shown to be smoother than a lot of folks thought. 'Chelle was eloquent, calm under pressure and showed that she'd be an asset to the country as a First Lady. It's a shame that she won't be debating Cindy McCain - that'd be a debate to see. I'm also interested to see if Mrs. Citizen McCain plays an equally large role in the Republican convention next week so I can actually get to know her (since I can't read and don't have a TV or access to the Internet and know nothing about her except what I hear in passing on the street).

I find it funny that this far into the presidential campaign that commentators can still make a comment like, 'People are still trying to understand who the Obama's are'. Who are these people?? With all the information that's been available on them (at least the fair and balanced information), especially now - how can anyone with half a brain claim not to know anything about them unless you really don't want to and plan on using that as your reason for not voting for Smooth. That's pretty weak, in my opinion.

Anyway, one down, three to go! I'm lookin' forward to Sister Hillary bringin' down the house tonight and moving the focus to GW and the 'failed policies of the past'. That's always good TV, y'all.



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