Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lisa Raye Loses her 'Muscle'

Wassup, Y'all!

The Diva over at 3 Black Chicks is always on the money. Never so much as last week when ol girl dropped the following comment on my 'Hurricane Lisa' post about Lisa Raye's T&C shenanigans:

"Wait until her half sister Da Brat rolls up in there. I'm surprised she ain't already in the mix. Brat ain't afraid to catch a case."

It wasn't two damn days later when news jumped that Da Brat - the 'Sonny Corelone' of the Lisa Raye family Chicago empire, got slapped with a three year bid for clockin' a waitress with a rum bottle at an ATL nightclub last year. Now that's hardcore, y'all. See those wannabe Brat buffys out there would be clockin' waitresses with Grey Goose vodka, Alize or White Zinfandel bottles but Da Brat? Straight Captain Morgan Original Spiced right across the jaw. If Lisa Raye had flown Brat down for the Mansion Bum Rush, those chicks would be ruling those islands by now.

Brat's so cold she doesn't even need a gat - just a couple bottles of Captain Morgan and her built in attitude, though a gun did come in handy back in 200o when she clocked a woman with one over an argument over some seats up in VIP. Somehow that ruckus never went to trial - likely due to a late night visit to the prosecutin' attorney with a bottle of Bacardi Gold. I'm just sayin', y'all. Good luck to whoever gets this chick for a cellmate. Something tells me that Brat won't be gettin' out early for good behavior...



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