Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Real Bill Clinton Spotted At The Convention

Wassup, Y'all!

After months of milk carton face time, the real Bill Clinton, the guy ol Ty voted for...twice, the guy who shepherded eight years of democratic resurgence actually appeared - in person - at the Pepsi Center last night. I'm just as surprised as y'all since I had become so used to his doppelganger criss-crossin' the country doing a lot of Smooth-related snipin' and back bitin'. Now I understand that he was in the difficult position of being a former president *and* being the supportive spouse of a rival candidate, but in all cases (and in my opinion) once a former president, always a former president, which means that you always have to remain above the fray and remain 'presidential' - at least within your own party. For a large part of the democratic presidential campaign season, Mr. Bill adopted the 'attack dog' role normally reserved for your campaign insiders and vice presidential candidates and in so doing, tarnished his image, particularly among southsiders who were just looking for Smooth to get a fair shake....

Last night, Mr. Bill finally came through. His speech lit a fire under the delegates, transferred the mantle of the Democratic Party from the Clinton to Obama and set the stage for Smokin' Joe Biden's speech where he made like McGruff and took a bite of of Citizen McCain's a$$. Again, while I appreciate Mr. Bill's speech, like Sister Hillary's, I think they were too long in coming. They both have already given the republicans enough negative Smooth soundbites to last them through the fall election (and to bring up legitimate questions about the veracity of their new found love for Smooth) but at least they came through.

When it comes to Smokin' Joe Biden, I have to admit that even though I knew some of his backstory, seeing it all come together and hearing it from his son Beau was a pretty powerful moment. He's a good guy and a great pick for VP. He's proved he's already up for his attack dog role and seeing him go after Citizen McCain is probably going to be half the fun of the rest of the campaign season.

So Smooth is *finally* nominated as the Democratic presidential candidate and tonight he has the small matter of giving yet another speech for the ages (and doing it in the shadow of Martin Luther King's epic 'I Have A Dream Speech'). Seems like a ton of pressure but he definitely wasn't showing any stress last night as he took the stage with Smokin' Joe. He looked like he showing up for a dinner party - calm, cool, collected...Smooth. We'll see how well he brings that to the stage tonight. Should be good.



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