Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama / Biden: How'd Ty Get Left Off The Ticket?

Wassup, Y'all!

I have to admit - I didn't see it comin'. Smooth Barack's vettin' team had been going through ol Ty's background with a fine tooth comb. Everything came back clean (since all my business is done under my mama's name - Marvella Malone) and I was all set for the phone call that never came. Instead, I get a 2:23 am text message that coldly informs me that Delaware Senator Joe Biden has beat me out of a job. Dang. First Reggie Love, now Smokin' Joe Biden. Truthfully, my $1 was on Virginia Governor Tim Kain but my boyz kept tellin' me that Biden had the buzz. Apparently they were right.

So now we have Smooth / Smokin' '08. I (grudgingly) like the pick. Smokin' Joe is good people and a straight talker with a sterling foreign policy resume. I'm looking forward to a few of his upcoming sound bites on Citizen McCain and whoever his eventual running mate turns out to be. Still, I'm wondering about Smokin' Joe's basketball skills and whether he'll be able to ease into the Electric Slide line at the Inauguration? Those are a few of the 'soft skills' homeboy is going to need in order to mesh smoothly with a Smooth Administration - which still doesn't seem to be a foregone conclusion, y'all. It's lookin' like this one is gonna be nip and tuck to the wire. Dang. As if ol Ty needs that kind of drama unfolding over the next three months!

Anyway - on with the convention!!



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