Thursday, August 07, 2008

Morgan Freeman: The Plot Thickens

Wassup, Y'all!

Yeah, I know y'all were thinkin' I'd be all over the Boy King Kwame Kilpatrick story with ol boy being ordered to spend a night in the slammer, but this Mor-Free thing is just a bit juicier *and* we know Boy King will be back in the slammer for a real bid before too long, so let's move on to the real show.

News broke yesterday that Mrs. Mor-Free, Myrna Colley-Lee, has dropped papers on homeboy after hearing that he'd been cheating on her with a 'close family friend'. Speculation is now running hot and heavy that the 'close family friend' is none other than Demaris Meyer, the 48 year old passenger who got jacked up in her raggedy '97 Maxima with Mor-Free when he rolled it.

Mor-Free's publicist is playin' it close yappin' that the paper dropping had been in the works waaaaaaaaay before the Sunday night accident, pointing out that the two had been separated since December '07. When I joked on Tuesday about some potential 'noddin'' goin' on just prior to the accident (and I ain't talkin' about being sleepy...), little did I know that events would transpire that make that supposition just a little more plausible. Still hard to do with the seat belts on but not impossible. I know a few of you out there have been creative like that.

I know as this news dribbles out in drips and drabs, that many of you are like, 'Mor-Free? Naw, he ain't got that in him. Did you see him in Shawshank or Driving Miss Daisy? He's a good guy!' And ol Ty isn't refutin' that. I will however say that if you're going to try and judge homey by his acting roles, I say go back to his breakout role - Fast Black, a hard hearted, cold blooded pimp in the movie 'Street Smart' - and then let me know what you think. Mor-Free put his foot in that role and, as with all actors, you have to wonder if what they connect to to get into these darker roles isn't also part of their DNA. Bottom line - actors are just people - Mor-Free included. And nothing has really come out to disavow his recollection of the facts. There just enough coming to light that's got more than a few people saying, 'hmmmmm....'



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