Monday, August 04, 2008

The Obama Difference: Organized & Drama Free

Wassup, Y'all!

You hear a lot from Smooth Barack about 'change' and 'turning the page' on Washington-style politics. In elections past, such claims would eventually be found false - just more smoke and mirrors trotted out by the candidate of the minute to get to the next rung in the political ladder.

Early on, there was really no reason to believe that Smooth was going to be any different. Yeah, ol boy talked different (imagine that - a political candidate that could actually spout inspiring oratory! For the fellas down at Winky's Corner Store that means 'a political candidate that's actually interesting to listen to...'). He certainly looked different but when it comes to politics, they've been cyclin' the same talkin' points since 1789 when ol George Washington rode into office with 100% of the Electoral College vote (probably won't see that this year, y'all...).

In previous posts, ol Ty has alluded to a couple things about Smooth's campaign conduct that has me believin' that this cat really plans to deliver on both change and turnin' the page. The first was his unrivaled success at puttin' together one of the most efficient campaign fund raising machines in the history of politics ($340 million to date) - from scratch. Second was his ability to pull together a campaign team that outmaneuvered and outfoxed old school political teams whose members pretty much came out of the womb analyzing polling numbers and framin' talkin' points. It's this latter point that the Washington Post recently noted as well in their Sunday column, 'Obama Central: Peace, Harmony and Deep Secrecy'. Thoughts after the jump...

Click on over to to get an idea of not only how Smooth manages his own campaing finances, but likely how a Smooth Barack administration would try to manage the nation's money. I say 'try' here since it's not all up to him. He would have to work with Congress on that and take into account pressing national needs like healthcare, Social Security, infrastructure repair, yada, yada, yada. But just look at homey's campaign balance sheet. Based on a July 29th snapshot, ol boy has raised $340 million dollars and has $71+ million cash on hand against a little more than $890 thousand in debt. And all this without accepting any general election taxpayer money. Say it with me, y'all - Daaaaaaaaaaamn.

Now the first thing that struck me about the Washington Post article was the fact that some Democratic Congressmen have '...privately expressed concerns that Obama has become too Chicago-centric, relying on his inner circle rather than a broader group that encourages input from Washington and elsewhere'. Hmmm...isn't that kinda the point? To drop kick 'Washington-style' and take it new school? If Smooth is willin' to ruffle even the feathers of those in his own party to implement his vision of change that should tell you a little somethin, somethin.

I also can appreciate the fact that his team is extremely loyal and not prone to leaking inside information for their own gain. You don't see that much inside Washington either where everyone seems to have a reporter or two on speed dial. Add in the fact that Smooth literally insists on a 'No Drama' policy that applies to every staffer, from the interns to his vaunted inner circle, and the fact that there is no power trippin' hierarchical seating at his Chicago campaign office and you get the picture that this guy really does have some very different talents to bring to the table.

If you've been following homey's rise to this point, you'll note what's common with these approaches is the 'grass root organizing' skills he's touted from jump street. That type of background engenders a number of efficiencies that are shining through, namely resource management (e.g. money, staffers, etc.), staff management and the ability to stay on point and maintain focus on the goal. It really is all about bottom up, y'all. The power is with the people and Ty for one is glad that there's at least one candidate out there that recognizes that fact. Now to ol Ty, that actually does sound like change you can believe in.



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