Thursday, August 07, 2008

Lisa Raye to Bring The Pain to T & C?

Wassup, Y'all!

That's my thinking if the latest rumors out of Ty's favorite hangout spot, Turks & Caicos, are true. At issue is a press release dropped by L-Raye's 'people' that says her man, T & C Premier Michael Misick was caught 'canoodling' during the T&C Music Festival with loudly irritating, BET 106 & Park VJ Rocsi while L-Raye was handlin' her business up in NYC. Now y'all know that ol Ty has a few thoughts on this silly ruckus. First and foremost, how the hell did I miss the T&C Music Festival??...

Okay, first as a disclaimer, since L-Raye is my Chicago homegirl ol Ty has to give her the benefit of the doubt. She has occupied a fond spot in my heart since her star turn as a troubled stripper in 'The Player's Club'. I originally went to support Ice Cube, Jamie Fox and Bernie 'Dolla Bill' Mac but L-Raye somehow caught my attention and we all know that she carried that movie, y'all....

Now let me microwave the backstory for on this for y'all. In 2006 L-Raye was a presenter at the Trumpet Awards, where T&C's Premier, the honorable Michael Misick, was gettin' a Humanitarian Award. Clearly he saw the same thing in L-Raye that ol Ty did when he watched 'The Player's Club' and he had his boy (ala Morris Day and Jerome Benton or elementary school) let her know that he was interested. In true player style, Mike Miss said he'd like to invite her to 'my' island. Not 'an' island, y'all. 'MY' island. Daaaaaamn! Not too many shortys are gonna say 'no' to that. But L-Raye did. Playin' hard to get like you shortys like to do ('cept for Rocsi...) and he finally sealed the deal in Jamaica where he met her again then flew her over to T&C for a little 'see - all this can be yours' talk.

L-Raye fell for it, the two got married and she became the First Lady of T&C even going as far as to be the centerpiece of the island chain's promotional 'Beautiful By Nature' ad campaign - one of which pictures the two in their white beach linens and boldly encourages folk to 'Indulge Your Passion For Romance on Turks & Caicos...We Did'.

Indeed. It seems that Mike Miss, who clearly studied his craft at the Boy King Kwame Kilpatrick Institute of Self Importance and Entitlement, took that message to heart as he was implicated in March in an unproved rape charge (which is still being investigated by the FBI). Now, if you can believe L-Raye's 'people', Mike Miss is gettin' into extracurriculars with Miss Raquel Roxanne Diaz aka Rocsi (who clearly can't spell either since that should be 'Roxie', but I digress...) BET's resident 'it' girl. Guess this means I won't be seeing L-Raye and Mike Miss's reality show 'The Premier and I' after all. Dang - I had my Tivo all cued up for that joint too!

That's a whole lot of drama goin on in T&C! I haven't even touched on the recent brawl in the airport waiting lounge between Hairspray star Nikki Blonsky and the family of former America's Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden, y'all. Punches got thrown, folk got arrested and Bianca's mama had to be airlifted to Miami for treatment from a beatdown over some damn saved seats! What's wrong with people? All I know is that all y'all need to quit before T&C becomes the next Aruba and ol Ty will need to seek another low key R&R spot! Knuckleheads already have it soundin' like the bus stop on 95 & Ashland. Shame, shame.

Anyway, L-Raye! If you need a shoulder to cry on...naw, I'm gonna leave that drama where it belongs - out in the street. L-Raye! Good luck, homegirl. For all you other shortys out there ready, willing and able to fall for that tired, 'Come visit my island line' I present to you this post for a bit of subdued cogitation. 'Nuff said.



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