Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ty Reflects on Bernie Mac and Hot Buttered Soul

Wassup, Y'all!

Wow. That's all ol Ty can say in the wake of the news of Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes passings this weekend. I've been a big fan of both these brothers (what self respectin' homey hasn't rocked the theme from Shaft in their hoopty at least one time while crusin' for honeys?) for the longest. I can still remember the Mac Man first poppin up on Def Comedy Jam talkin' 'bout, 'You don't understand. I ain't scared of you Mother F$%#ers.'

When you watched Def Comedy Jam you could tell pretty quickly who was gonna take off and who needed to head back to their mama's basement to polish up their act. Chris Tucker was one of the former (tho I submit he's squandered a lot of his promise) - Bernie Mac was another...

Now with homey's untimely passin', ol Ty is reminded of another funny a$$ southside comic who passed all too soon. Remember, Robin Harris, y'all? No one can hear the term 'BeBe's kids' without thinking of big Rob. Man, I miss that dude.

Oddly, it was just last Tuesday in the wake of the Morgan Freeman (Mor-Free) crash news, that I alluded to Mor-Free's latest move 'The Dark Knight' joining the list of 'cursed movies'. I guess that title now passes to 'Soul Men', a new comedy coming out in mid November starring, B-Mac, Samuel L. Jackson and Isaac Hayes. Wow. Two of three gone in two days... Since these things tend to go in threes ol Ty's thinkin' that Samuel L. needs to watch his step the next few days.

So let me drop in my late Rest In Peace thoughts for both B-Mac and Ike Hayes. Two originals that will be missed but who both left behind much to be remembered.



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