Saturday, August 30, 2008

Smooth Baracks it out the park

Wassup, Y'all!

Sorry! Meant to hit y'all with this on Friday, but ol Ty got caught up. The good news about that is that I had time to see the Nielsen ratings for Smooth's acceptance speech and they were huge - 38 million viewers. 38 million viewers. Ring up another first in the Smooth column along with those eye-popping fund raising records - this convention was viewed by more folks than any other in history, outdrawing such notables as, 'the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing, the final 'American Idol' [and] the Academy Awards this year'. Lookin' forward to seeing the Repub convention numbers and Citizen McCain's acceptance speech draw - zzzzz. And Citizen's VP pick? Damn, y'all - that deserves a post alllllll its own.

Anyway, proceed to the jump to see what you should have seen on Friday...

Wooo. Can't say Smooth didn't deliver the goods Thursday night in front of 84,000+. That venue was insane and provided the perfect backdrop for a moment steeped in so much history. As much as I liked Smooth's soaring inspirational past speeches, ol Ty has to admit I now have a fond affection for his ability to smoothly smack some a$$ as well. I've always thought that there should be a fine balance between Martin's 'turn the other cheek' and Malcolm's 'by any means necessary' and last night ol Ty thinks that Smooth has finally tapped into it. It's that whole 'disagree without being disagreeable' tack and in the midst of Citizen McCain and the Republican minion machine's petty attacks (what's up with those tired 'Weather Underground' ads? Rev J-Wright must be just around the corner...)

Smooth couldn't have put it any plainer and from here on in I'd like to see a non-stop pilin' on of the failings of the last eight years, Citizen McCain's role in that and Citizen's plans for continuing that non-sensical ruckus. It seems like poetic justice that on the eve of the Republican Convention another monster hurricane is bearing down on poor New Orleans. Not for the good citizen of New Orleans who are, as I type, gettin' out of Dodge, but as a real-time highlight of one of the Bush Administration's biggest failures come back to haunt the Repubs like the Ghost of Christmas Past.

After that speech I'd say the table is set. If Smooth and Smokin' Joe blow this one...well that's a thought I won't even entertain for fear of jinxin' this whole deal. I say again...November can't get here fast enough, y'all.



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