Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton: The Closure Speech

Wassup, Y'all!

Though ol Ty contends that the speech Sister Hillary gave at the convention last night should have been the one she gave at the close of her campaign, I have to give her high marks for content, delivery, style and class. Ol girl hit all the right notes, said all the right things and then quickly exited stage center without taking a victory lap and without further stoking her supporters' passions by whispering into the mic, 'See y'all in four years'.

However, ol Ty does think that there was an opportunity missed last night now that the Republicans have decided on the strategy of using Sister Hillary's words and deeds as campaign material for Citizen McCain. They popped that tired, 'Passed Over' ad on pretty much right after her speech (I was checkin' it out on ABC, y'all). It would have been very simple to refute her words in the video and then note how now she's suddenly become the Republican Golden Girl after nearly two decades of being in their cross-hairs. A statement like that would have gone a long way toward exposin' their hypocrisy but then again, Sister Hillary's still a politician with her own ambitions.

One thing I do agree on based on the conversations after her speech. The bar is definitely raised for Smokin' Joe Biden and Smooth Barack. I'm pretty sure Smokin' Joe will deliver and Smooth? Well, ol boy earned the nickname 'Smooth', y'all and I'm confident that on Thursday night, he's going to deliver a speech for the ages - fitting for the historic moment that it will be.

Looking forward to it! Also looking forward to what Bill Clinton will be chattin' about tonight - hopefully he'll be stayin' on message as well and refraining from pullin' in any Jesse Jackson imagery...we'll see.



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