Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Limbaugh Pusher Beat by the Palm Beach Po Po?

Wassup, Y'all!

Sounds plausible to me. West Palm Beach? Check. Illegal quantities of Oxycontin? Check. Illegal Po Po beat down of a minority drug thief? Oh hey - wait a minute. That sounds like a regular day in any city in America. It certainly isn't the type of treatment that a fat cat drug abuser like Rush Limbaugh would receive. So what's the good news here? That overt surveillance continues to put mentally challenged members of the Po Po on blast for being abusive knuckleheads. This is good news because, despite the fact that bumbling Pablo Gilberto Valenzuela was due a lock up for his underhanded shenanigans, the West Palm Beach Po Po will now also be a bit more leery droppin' a nightstick on law abidin' citizens who either piss them off or 'fit the profile'...

Now a few of y'all may think that ol Ty is being a little tough on the West Palm Beach Po Po by callin' them 'mentally challenged'. Now I ask you, what else would you call an officer of the law who gets cold busted by the dashboard camera in their cruiser? If you ride around in a cruiser all day and *know* it has an operational dashboard camera, wouldn't you either 1) disable the camera, whoop some a$$, then reenable the camera or 2) move a suspect out of camera range, whoop some a$$ then move a suspect back into camera range or 3) refrain from any type of whoop a$$ at all until you get back to the station? Apparently, West Palm Beach doesn't require its prospective officers to take any type of IQ tests.

For his poorly thought out theivery, in addition to an upcoming jail bid on multiple charges, ol Pablo also got a broken jaw and bruised eyes from being kicked and punch about the face and head while in handcuffs. Crime clearly doesn't pay, but neither does being a mentally challenged Po Po officer.



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