Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ty's Top 10 Things Happening Soon

Wassup, Y'all!

10) Barack Obama (Smooth Barack) will announce his VP
9) Citizen McCain (Emperor Palpatine) will announce his VP (hint: Rud..Mit...Darth Vader)
8) Both Mike Miss and Lisa Raye will have permanent teeth marks on their bodies
7) Another scam artist will approach Mike Vick with a jar of Vaseline
6) George Bush will vacation permanently in Crawford, Texas
5) Bernie Mac's family will file counter suits against his estate
4) Former SNL'er Chris Kattan will realize he'll never get another shot
3) After Bernie Mac's send off, Rev. Jesse Jackson will realize that his true calling is speaking at funerals
2) Reggie Love will realize that life's not so bad being Smooth's Jerome Benton
1) Michael Phelps' absent father will realize he loves his son after all



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