Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Terrence Howard Knee-cappin' Cosby

Wassup, Y'all!

Yeah, I liked him in Hustle & Flow, main, but I gotta admit that this brother's film roles have been about as uneven as Whitney Houston's vocals. That's why I broke out my patented eye roll when I read about his recent attempt to throw Bill Cosby under the bus for 'attemptin' to blacklist him' way back in the day. When his 38 year old a$$ was 19. And he got cut from a part in 'The Cosby Show'. First - if your a$$ is still working 17 years later why even bring this nonsense up? Second, maybe you should blacklist yourself for agreeing to roles in Biker Boyz and Awake. You don't hear Cuba Gooding, Jr. cryin' for attention do you? No. He just takes on his whack roles and cashes his checks. Just like you need to do - leave Cos out of it. He can't bring you anymore publicity...

Of course, shortly after T-How's back alley knee-capping of Cosby in a World Entertain News Network interview, Cos himself jumped up and said T-How didn't know what he was talkin' 'bout, then, surprisingly, T-How came back out and said, 'That story that ran was incorrect. The advice [Cosby] gave me nearly 20 years ago was invaluable and still resonates with me today. I would never imply that he blackballed me, because it certainly was NOT the case.' Hmmm...sounds like a threat by Cosby to *really* blackball T-How's a$$ got him to go all soft. Course there really is the possibility of a misquote but...

The good news is that we can all look forward to additional whack T-How roles as (according to IMDB) all cousin has lined up into 2010 is 'Fighting', descibed as, 'A young ticket scalper is introduced to the world of underground street fighting' (woooo) and 'Factor X', described as, 'A young counterterrorism expert from Washington works with a Wichita police detective to solve the infamous case of the BTK serial killer who murdered people in Kansas from 1974-91 and was finally captured in 2005'. Woooo...hey wait. That one sounds pretty good. Someone must have accidentally passed him that script. Wonder if Cosby is producin' that joint??



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