Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic Village Idiots: Diddy & Chad

Wassup, Y'all!

So far, ol Ty has been a little bit more tuned into the Olympics than I was four years ago. I have to admit, say what you want about Communist China, but they know how to put together Olympic venues - that $143 million 'Water Cube' for the aquatic sports is just sick. The architecture is as you would expect - a blend of art and function. Also as you would expect, while most of the world's attention is focused on Beijing and the Olympic athletes, there always has to be a couple knuckleheads on this side of the world upset that they aren't getting the normal love (aka attention) they think they deserve. And, in their true monomaniacal styles, the only way they believe they can get anyone to listen to them over the Olympic sized noise jumpin' off in China is to spout some ridiculous nonsense. When it comes to Diddy and outspoken Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson, it's just another ordinary day in Me World...

Let me start with Diddy's silly a$$. When asked during his spring-summer 2009 Sean John presentation what event he thought he could win if there were a new (aka non sport based) Olympics, Diddy jumped right out there and said 'Who can have sex the longest'. I guess the official term for that event would be a sex marathon or something like that. Clearly Diddy's a legend in his own mind as he added a second event he was sure he could qualify for - 'who can stay up the longest'. You know he wasn't talkin' 'bout sleep deprivation, y'all, but in the new day of Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and glossys of Alicia Keyes, I bet even Morgan Freeman could race him to the tape on that one.

Then we get an even more outrageous assertion by Chad Johnson that he could 'beat Michael Phelps in the pool'. He dropped that jibber-jabber on ESPN's Pardon The Interruption (PTI) and that assertion is a little like me saying I could beat Michael Jordan on the court since I'm pretty good at HORSE. Accordin' to Chad he, 'was the three-time Charles Hadley Pool champ' back in the day in Miami. You just have to laugh at some straight foolishness like this. One thing you can say about Chad though, that brother will always keep you laughin'. I'm lookin' forward to his second career in comedy once he hangs up the cleats.

Man - why haven't we heard from T.O. yet!? I'm sure he could take out Tyson Gay in the 100 meter dash. That'll probably be breakin' news tomorrow, y'all. Stay tuned. In the mean time, bring on track and field!!



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