Monday, July 11, 2005

Missy pulls up to the bumper...

Wassup, Y'all!

After peepin' Missy Elliott's latest video "Lose Control" I feel compelled to speak my mind on just how much Missy's musical and cinematic flow calls back to the days of the original ultra-unique shorty - Grace Jones. Don't act like y'all don't remember Grace and clubbing to her cuts like Pull Up To The Bumper, Slave To The Rhythm and I'm Not Perfect. But just when I was finally getting over Grace's scary a** (she was the *original* Scary Spice, y'all!), Missy seems intent on droppin' videos that bring those childhood chills right back to life...

Man, back in the day Grace had some videos and album covers that would scare the taste out your mouth. She even parlayed that persona into a memorable movie character - the whacked out Strange (pronounced Stron' Jay) in Eddie Murphy's Boomerang (which also featured a pre-thick Tisha Campbell in a laugh-worthy role).

Anyway, as far as female rappers go, Missy is cranking it out the park these days and pretty much has been since she hit the scene. That girl's got her own style among the new generation of entertainers but a close look by those in the know (and y'all know your boy Tyrone is *always* in the know) shows some remarkable similarities in the works of these two off the wall shortys. Y'all know I have a fond appreciation for all things creative and Missy E. is killing on that front. Instead of falling in line with these cookie cutter video set ups (the dancing at night on the wet street, the rolling through the neighborhood with your 8 million peeps, the sun splashed, big baller villa in some Caribbean hot spot, you know how they do) Missy is pushing the envelope everytime and I appreciate that.

Whether her flow really is inspired by Grace Jones' trend setting butt is beside the point. Misdemeanor is setting the new standard and providing some Grace Jones-style thrills and chills to a whole new generation of biddy boppers and you sure can't hate on that, y'all.

Go 'head with your bad self, Missy!



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