Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What chu talkin' 'bout VH1?

Wassup, Y'all!

My bad - I'm still working on my next top 10 list so for the moment, I'm going to hit y'all with a little filler cuz I know you're fiending for the flavor - or to paraphrase my boy Ranathan Skuggs from the movie 'Sugar Hill' - 'This here's the flavor you savor up here, neighbor' (I love that saying). Anyway the glossy on the right should tip you to where I'm headed (along with a follow up kick in the a** for Lil' Kim) as I have a serious bone to pick with VH1 who blew the call by naming Gary Coleman the 'Greatest Kid Star' (out of 100!!). Gary Coleman!?? Man, come on!....

What about Eddie Munster (Butch Patrick #45!)? Me I prefer to go with the crew that grew up really, really well like little Rudy Huxtable (Keisha Knight Pulliam #19!) or Tootie from The Facts of Life (Kim Fields #23!) or even NYC City dweller Sara Jessica Parker from Square Pegs (#39) - though Sara's looking far from thick in those GAP commercials, y'all! Look we all know there's no way my boy Steve Urkel (Jaleel White #37) didn't take the top spot without the fix being in!! And what about Buckwheat, Stymie, Spanky and Alfalfa from The Little Rascals? Man, that crew didn't even make the list! How'd Buckwheat not make the list, VH1?? I do have to give VH1 a little dap since they did include those baggy clothes innovators Kris Kross on their list - they may have faded faster that Michael Jackson's complexion (Jackson 5 #11) but their influence on the hip-hop culture is still in effect, y'all. Yo - historical shout out to Kris Kross!

Finally, speaking of history - Lil' Kim got the low down at sentencing today and got slapped with a one year bid. Actually one year and one day - what the hell is that extra day about? Seems like the Judge is trying to be funny. Actually it could have been a lot worse for old girl since a 20 year bid was also on the table. Maybe Lil Kim and Shyne can hook up and kick a cell block duet. See I can type smack now (at least until one year and one day is up then I'm back to laying low...). Word is Lil Kim's looking to do time at the same spot our girl Martha Stewart (M. Diddy to you and me, y'all) served her bid up at Danbury. What's the deal with that joint? Seems to me if you're running a prison that gets more requests than Hot 97 at lunchtime, you need to tighten things up a notch or two - less low carb brownies and more license plate pressing. Last I looked Day Spa wasn't spelled P-R-I-S-O-N but I could be wrong...

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