Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fantastic Fun

Wassup, Y'all!

Man - the haters are really out for this movie. Roger Ebert enjoyed it so much he gave it a coveted 1 star in yesterdays Chicago Sun Times. Roger - that hurts, homeboy. Once again, I find myself on the wrong side of the critics (and they universally hate this joint - 74% of reviewers on gave it the dreaded tomato splat) but I'm wondering if any of them ever read (and enjoyed) the comic book? I think I still have a few here in the basement they can rent for a few. Seems to be a tough job to make a movie about a guy who can stretch his body like rubber, a guy who can turn himself in a human torch, a guy who looks like a walking pile of orange rocks and a girl who can turn invisible into a riviting, plausible thriller. Come on, y'all! Compare the homeboy attracting movie poster glossy of stone hotty Jessica Alba as Sue Storm to her comic book counterpart after the jump and tell me if they didn't get it right...

See? Everything is in the right places :-) Anyway I thought it was a fun movie - a little clunky with the dialogue at times but for the most part just what you'd expect from a comic book movie. I can't say the X-Men movies were any better but for some reason the critics seemed to like them better. Oh well - that's why you watch the movies and draw your own conclusions, y'all - everybody has different tastes. My gripe is that Kerry Washington's part was blink-worthy! That chick had like two scenes about five minutes each. Seems her best stuff landed on the cutting room floor. That's cold... Based on the reviews for this joint, a sequel seems to be iffy at best, so if the studio execs told her they'd 'focus on her character's development' in the next movie old girl got tricked!

Looking forward to Hustle and Flow next week (assuming it's next week as they keep showing different opening dates - 7/13, 7/20, 7/22 - what's that about?). The buzz is *still* building for this joint and how can a story about a rapping pimp and his ho's not be appealing? :-)



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