Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Extra: OJ's Sunday Ticket a fake!

Wassup, Y'all!

*Sigh* I know this latest ruckus is related to a search of OJ's crib back in 2001 but still - I mean come on now! If there was *ever* a brother who needs to stay on the straight and narrow after dodging a Scott Peterson sized bid it's got to be our boy OJ. Now everywhere you look you see the headline blazing: OJ caught stealing DirecTV signal! Now there could be some very good reasons for OJ to be boosting a satellite signal. He could be scouring those 500 channels still looking for Nichole's real killer or he could be fiending on the NFL Sunday Ticket as he realizes he can never show his mug in an NFL stadium again. Hmmm, maybe when Michael gets back from his Middle Eastern sabbatical, he can rent out one of his Neverland guest houses out to OJ so he can cop a signal legimately. Man, and I was *just* encourage my boy South Side 'Tini Mack to do just the same so he could catch The Boondocks when it rolls out this fall. Of course I was just jokin', y'all. Dang, does OJ even have $25 large?...

Ode to Joy - Caught a quick shout out to my Shorty On The Rise Joy Bryant over on Got HipHop? Apparently the rumors are flying that old girl is kicking it with 50 Cent after getting up close and personal in their upcoming flick - Get Rich or Die Tryin'. I caught the trailer to that joint and it looks pretty good (Hustle & Flow's Terrance Howard is also in that one, y'all as he closes the gap on Jude Law for appearances in the most films in a calendar year. He's going for the Terrance Slam, y'all...). Anyway, after hearing The Game rapping about how 50 f*@ked Vivica (Fox) on his Dreams cut (from The Documentary), if I was a shorty, I'd be a little hesitant to date a wanksta gangsta rapper like 50 since clearly your back room boot knocking is going to find its way into a cut or two (not to mention show up as a hook on any of the G Unit crew's cuts). Something like "Joy Stick" or "Tappin' Joy".
You know it's coming, y'all.

Ease back, Joy! Don't say you didn't read it here first!!



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