Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Top 10 TV Shortys I'm Missing...10-9

Wassup, Y'all!

You know the downside of watching so much TV is that you tend to get attached to certain characters and then are left jonesing once their shows get canceled and you can't get your weekly fix any longer. In my case it's not really the characters that I'm jonesing for but the shortys who play them. For example, how many biddy bop homeys were dreaming of foine Thelma (BernNadette Stanis) from Good Times. Ahhh, I wonder what old girl is doing these days? Okay, that's a little too back in the day (but check her out on DVD, y'all), but you get the picture. Anyway, in an attempt to recapture that canceled shorty magic, I've compiled my list of the Top Ten TV shortys I'm missing the most. Since I'm posting companion glossies my compilation is a bit too big for a single posting so I'll be dropping them a few at a time to build up the appropriate anticipation as we march toward Miss #1. So here we go with TV Shortys #10 & #9...

#10 - Kellie Shanygne Williams (Family Matters - Laura Winslow) Now bear with me here, y'all. I know little Kelly had to grow up a bit on the show first to achieve real shorty status but when she did - wooooo. Her transformation was enough to turn goofy Steve Urkel into suave player Stephon. I'm not ashamed to admit I copped a few of my early moves from Stephon, y'all. Any brother smooth enough to get Kelly all giggly was a brother who's moves went into the player's notebook I always carried with me. I'm sad to say I haven't seen old girl in a long time. I'm just glad to know that she avoided the porno route of her former Family Matters co-star Jamiee Foxworth.

#9 - Kim Fields (Living Single - Regine Hunter) Awwwww yeah. Something happened to little Tootie on the way from The Facts of Life boarding school days to the swinging bachelorette days of Living Single. I can name two things right off the bat, y'all. Of the four shortys kicking it on Living Single, Kim Fields had me locked and loaded *every* week. I even got into her little saditty faux cultured act because you knew under that fly designer gear, MAC make-up and Dark and Lovely wigs beat the heart of a little big chested hood rat down to kick it. I can't say I'm too fond of her new blond look but I know the entertainment business is all about standing out and getting some attention. I did catch her recently in a quick cameo on Lisa Kudrow's The Comeback on HBO (she was auditioning for the same part that LK eventually got). She's still got the same traffic stopping body, but that doo just reminds me of those albino twins in The Matrix Reloaded and once I go there - the magic is gone...

Okay - back in a few with picks 7 & 8! Stay tuned y'all.



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