Monday, July 04, 2005

Chris Tucker's Real Rush Hour 3...

Wassup, Y'all!

My bad for being asleep at the switch on this one. You'll note about a month ago I posted my 'Mother Tucker' post about Chris Tucker and how the rumor was that he had backed out of the next Rush Hour 3 movie. My main beef is that I'm a Chris Tucker fan and would prefer seeing more of him on screen and less of him doing nothing in particular. Now it comes to my attention - several months late - that CT had already filmed his own version of Rush Hour 3 on location in Georgia back in April. Turns out the climax was a 109 mile chase down Interstate 20. Only problem is that the only camera that caught the action was in the state police squad car chasing him...

As it turns out, CT was heading to 'church' in South Carolina doing 109 in a 70 mph zone and didn't notice the state police car behind him trying to flag him down until 12 miles down the road - hence the extremely well groomed mug shot provided courtesy of

I have no idea where I was when this story first broke, but thanks to the gifts that flow from the Internet, we can all relive the video footage and get a good laugh (*after* 5-0 puts their guns away and let Chris up off the hot concrete). Tucker's explanation that he was heading to church and just didn't want to miss it sounds like a classic scene from Friday. And you know this, maaaaaannnn! You can check a blow-by-blow of the pull over and exchange between Tucker and 5-0 here, y'all.

All I can say is CT's $162,000 Bentley is sweeeeet. Ah to be rich, famous and late for church....



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